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Botley Meadow Bees
Worker bee collecting pollen
About Us

Natural Beekeeping—Natural Honey

Bee-centred beekeeping


We are committed to natural beekeeping, and offer natural, raw local honey and beeswax for sale. Our bees can enjoy many types of nectar and pollen nearby, and we aim to raise colonies well adapted to this area. We avoid unnecessary chemical treatments and feeds, and handle the bees gently.  Read more about our approach to beekeeping...

Local honey and beeswax


Based in West Oxford, we cater particularly for local folk purchasing 'at the gate' or through our Shop, and are always happy to answer questions and chat about the bees. We can also supply local businesses, preferring to work with those committed to supporting local producers, and are a member of Good Food Oxfordshire.

Joining our list


Our honey is hugely popular, and goes quickly once on sale! Join our list for updates when the next honey harvest is ready, and be first in the queue!​

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